Walkers Cheddar & Onion Crinkles: inside the world of the experimental crisp

Posted on May 07, 2013

Hello beloved followers,

Do forgive us the hiatus between entries. As you all know, Spring has arrived and with it that beautiful time when the outside of the house is open to enjoy once more, the garden is full of new life, the chiminea can once more be lit and it’s fiery glow bathed in. Caroline and I’s baby moves gracefully into it’s 31st week of gestation and so we busy ourselves with general preparation for it’s imminent arrival. All feels well in the world..

In the world of the crisp, it’s time for an overdue but now complete review of the kind gift of two bags of Cheddar & Onion Crinkles - Cheddar & Onion flavour, not yet on general release (at the time of tasting) and so presented to us in plain, grey bags, as yet devoid of design or colour - unlike their content. Yes, we must thank you Walkers for trusting us to provide a humble but honest review of these bunnies, so thanks to ^Sam who sent us these, and thanks also to the chip-scientists who toil silently, secretly in their flavour-bunker, striving to provide us with the next big thing in the crisp..

some crisps

So, two bags we had, the first bag was sampled almost 2 weeks ago with tasters from Hampshire and Norfolk present. It should perhaps be mentioned they were up against some astounding flavours in the shape of Pipers Hand Made Crisps from Lincolnshire and their shortcomings were perhaps unfairly highlighted by these ‘Great Taste Award’ winning competitors. The second bag was munched last night by a Deeping-based taste-collective without any other snack distractions. The gap between tastings is relevant and has definitely modified my review of the product supported by Caroline’s opinion too: the first bag were a bit stale and so the crunch that we hunt in a good crisp was lost. Also, the flavours on the first tasting were overpowering. The cheese flavour overpowered the onion (very monosodium-glutomate, like a boss bag of Wotsits), the latter fizzling out having been unable to establish its mark. But then last night, with Chris & Hilary debriefed as to our objective we experienced an altogether much more enjoyable appetiser. This bag was fresh and so you could feel the crinkles on the top of yer mouth. The balance of cheese and onion was much subtler. Now we’re getting cheddar and spring onion. They weren’t greasy like that first batch. Yes, we really enjoyed them. We did the wine and beer too, which always makes you more focused on the positive than the negative. I think the flavours, with a bit of tweaking, could be really balanced, supported by some other tasty bedfellows, tomato and pepper perhaps, sorry, pimiento y tomate con paprika, a good vinegar and salt combo etc. Nonetheless, these aren’t bad and we think there will be a good take-up, from grown up kids and infantile adults alike..

walkers crinkles

To the R&D Development, Send Us Your Ideas. We Will Taste Them.

The next review will probably be done outdoors. How good does that feel?

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