Posted on May 07, 2013

OOoooow Now then, Now then (rattle, rattle, jewelery, jewelery)

No sooner had I posted about being on the look out for a tube of these when two days later I bumped into them in total surprise at a store more known for it’s ‘Quality at a Discount’ then its crisp selection. So without question they went in the trolley. I had to resist popping them there and then and managed to wait until I got home to find out what they would deliver!


Now, I realise that Pringles may start something of a debate in here as to whether they really count as crisps. Even the manufacturers themselves, Proctor and Gamble, argued in the High Court in 2008 that they were NOT in fact crisps due to their actual potato content being only 42%. Their victory resulted in them becoming exempt from the 17.5% VAT leveed on potato crisps and potato derived snacks. Next is their symmetrical Hyperbolic Paraboloid shape, surely a true crisp should be unique and individual, not manufactured or produced.  However this highly uniform shape and mass of each ‘crisp’ also allows them to be ‘packed’ into the familiar Tubes and produced in 19 (YES 19!!) different sizes !! This brings us onto the ‘tube’ itself. I’m afraid I believe that crisps should come in packets not containers. Even the inventor of the tube itself Mr Fredric J Baur was buried in one of the Pringles tubes. Now there’s food for thought…

Anyway, enough ramblings, whether or not you think they are crisps, I couldn’t resist trying the Wasabi flavour. Well what can I say, after popping and positioning some of these snacks over what seemed like all of the taste buds on my tongue at once (aided by the hyperbolic paraboloid shape of course), the first noticeable thing was the powdery artificial MSG overload. But this, I hear you cry, is exactly what people like about “The Pringle”, but then the wasabi kicked in. Nose burning, eye squinting, tongue blistering pleasure that is “Isothiocyanate” (The chemical in wasabi for you non-chemists!). The usually short lived flavour of wasabi on these ‘crisps’ actually built up quite a fair bit after i’d eaten a few of them resulting in an action that is usually unassociated with Pringles…. I put the lid back on! Yes folks, I can safely say these are the only Pringles that i’ve managed to ‘stop’ once i’d ‘popped’.

So to the verdict, although I did enjoy these ‘crisps’ over a couple of evenings, I think it was the wasabi hit i craved and not the crisp itself. Therefore dear readers I will not be shortlisting these to be present with me on my desert island. Give me a proper crisp anyday.

To Mr Pringle, I tilt my hat and bid you good day.