Ash Wednesday: 40 Days & 40 Nights?

Posted on May 07, 2013

Hi-ho you salty-dogs,

Ash Wednesday lent me to thought today (get it? ‘lent’? All my own material you know), would it be possible to go 40 days and 40 nights without a potato chip of any kind. How much temptation would there be - deliberate or accidental - along the way? Kids parties with small, enticing bowls of our favourite friends laid out for us adults to secretly covet from our children and our children’s children; in pubs with friends, the 5 bag special with packets ripped asunder for all to share; great sporting events, savouries to complement the beer as your team strives to win. How would it be to endure all these mini-temptations without our little, crispy fiend??

It wouldn’t happen, as I’m of no particular religious domination. The Census arrived yesterday. They do open themselves up to it by intentionally leaving a box free marked ‘other’ for people to insert their own ‘religion’. Hence us being a nation of more Jedi’s than any other. Lead me to ponder writing ‘Crisp Idolater’. I chickened out just and declared no faith. Total cop out. Still, we have registered ourselves for future generations of our family to add our names to the family tree and perhaps stumble across on An amusing allusion to crisps would have put a curious yet amusing smile on their little faces eh?

Honourable mention in despatches to Kathryn, Gillian, Sarah, Tracy, Cavan and - for the most fantastical Desert Island Crisp selection - Steve C. Always thinking outside of the preverbial crisp box is he. Truly, we are embiggened (like the good people of Springfield USA) by ALL your comments and entries on our Face book site.

Twice mentioned, by Gillian and Kathryn are French Fries, French Fries as a dietary get out clause and French Fries Worcester Sauce flavour as the endangered crisp. Endangered or extinct crisps is a good subject. As is the north/south divide (Scott has already begun exploring this for comment and discourse. Check out his twitter thingy). Regional crisps. It’s good to have a topic and so one or the other will be explored imminently. Feel free to start things off. Pour yourself a glass of red. Dim the lights. Open up your favourite bag and express yourself.

Lorra, lorra love,