Mark S's choice is: ‘Nothern Raver’

    Posted on March 15, 2011
  1. My first choice is: Quavers Cheese flavour

    I know, i know it's a controversial choice of crisp as some will argue it isn't technically a crisp but a curled processed potato snack, but by heck it has a nice hit of cheese in every bite!!

  2. My second choice is: Seabrooks Worcester Sauce

    I know most people won't like this flavour, but i think it is fantastic! Eat more Worcester Sauce!!!

  3. My third choice is: : Pringles Salt and Vinegar

    Getting tougher now but my next choice is Pringles Salt and Vinegar, not quite strong enough to get to the top but very addictive. When they say "once you've popped, you can't stop" when they include a re-sealable lid??

  4. My fourth choice is: : Prawn Cocktail Skips

    It has to be Prawn Cocktail Skips. Melt in your mouth and let out that burst of flavour! How ace is that?

  5. My fifth choice is: Seabrooks Cheese and Onion

    Very nice and the ruffles hold the flavour till your tongue gets hold of it. grin

  6. My sixth choice is: N/A

  7. My seventh choice is: N/A

  8. My eighth choice is: N/A