Nadine's choice is: Merseyside Muncher….

    Posted on February 19, 2011
  1. My first choice is: Walkers Cheese and Onion

    I love these best crunched onto a Ham and Mustard Butty - yum! YA CANNY BEAT EM!

  2. My second choice is: Meanies

    Maybe just a northern thing, I remember them being 5p a bag, pickled onion flavouring that made my lil nose run and my eyes water, great green packaging, made you think u were buying a bag of slime - any kid's dream!

  3. My third choice is: : Boots Hand cooked vegy crisps

    Ok maybe a crime to the crisp lovers, but I am a lady and do watch my weight so Im sure these are one of my five a day and a bit of a change from a potato!

  4. My fourth choice is: : Beef McCoys

    Remind me of drunken sunday sessions, after too many bevvies in the pub these are the only things you can eat (if the kitchen is already shut)

  5. My fifth choice is: Cheetos (nobbly ones)

    These are in America only I think, they resemble cheesy nicnaks and are so orange they stain your fingers for a few hours! Nutrition at its best lol

  6. My sixth choice is: Walkers French Fries

    Boss - feel like your eating chips but only 97 calories a bag - I crunch them down like a squiral and nearly chomp me fingers off!

  7. My seventh choice is: Plain Hula Hoops

    Like potato but not really? Nice n crunchy - if you dont put one on each finger and bite off then you are simply missing out!

  8. My eighth choice is: Skips

    Love the melt on your tongue effect, and I'm conviced they do give you some omega 3 (prawn cocktail flavour, obviously)