Adrian Tasker's choice is: Ady

    Posted on July 03, 2013
  1. My first choice is: Walkers Cheese & Onion

    Surely the King of Crisps - Nothing hits the spot like a bag of these - I feel I could eat these at International elvel if permitted

  2. My second choice is: Wheat Cruchies - Bacon

    Always a favourite now based in bigger bags

  3. My third choice is: : Nicknacks - Nice & Spicy

    For a Pub based snack - very hard to beat

  4. My fourth choice is: : Hula Hoops - ready Salted

    Just Down right good and the Holes come for Free

  5. My fifth choice is: Monster Munch - Pickled Onion

    You just can't go wrong with these

  6. My sixth choice is: Mini Cheddars

    Great late night snack

  7. My seventh choice is: Kettle Chips - Sea salt & Balsamic Vinegar

    fantastic flavour - good lunch time Crisp

  8. My eighth choice is: Walkers Smoky Bacon

    Singly the best to made into the delicacy the Crisp Sandwich